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Facebook Insights: Part 1

Reading Facebook Insights isn’t difficult, but applying the Insights to your marketing strategy can be technical. I’m  writing a white paper on optimizing Facebook analysis, and I’ll release it by December 2011. Until then, in doing my research (because I don’t want to repeat what is already out there) I stumbled across this article from Intel’s social media strategist —-> http://mashable.com/2010/09/03/facebook-insights-guide/

I especially agree with some of the tips throughout on keeping data records in addition to the Insights. This is important if you wish to evaluate your particular strategies, because Facebook doesn’t really track your social media marketing campaigns - when you initiate and the results from those booms.

Some things in the article are generic. For example, I’m never a fan of demographic data. Conventional? Yes. Limiting? Yes.

It helps to know your audience, but we’re in a marketing landscape that provides for “special interest” targeting. Focus is important. Do you want to reach male generation X’ers because male generation X’ers are your target, or do you want to reach everyone who likes watching action films because there is a strange connection between the genre and your product. Reach ALL the genders & generations! This is a trite example, but the point is clear.

However, ignore nothing. Look at the demographic data still … you never know.

I’m also looking for more information on Insights. If you know a great article or existing white paper, send it over to me!